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Touchless Wash

24 hour Car Wash!
Please Note: Drying  is not currently available as the result of noise complaint.

Soft Cloth

Need some extra scrub work done?               Choose the soft cloth wash. With plenty of options, your clean car will thank you.

Self Serve

Are you a DIYer?                                                        Then our self serve bays are just the thing for you.


Clinton's best family owned and operated car wash since 1986

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Register Your WashCard

WashCards are accepted in our Soft Cloth, Touchless Automatic, and Self-Service Bays.                  Register your card online to ensure you don't lose your funds, and enjoy an added value bonus!

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Do you like keeping your vehicle shiny and clean? With the Wash Works Unlimited Daily WashPass you can wash your car everyday and save big!

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