Our Story

The Wash Works Carwash has been providing vehicle wash services for over 30 years.

We started with a cloth tunnel car wash in April of 1986. In 1997 we added 3 self-service bays and in 2001 one of our bays was converted to a 24 hour Touchless Automatic car wash.

We have 7 self-service vacuums that also offer fragrance and shampoo.

WashCard is now accepted in our Soft Cloth and Touchless Automatic and Self-Serve washes. WashCard is a pre-paid account card that allows our customers to purchase our wash services in advance at discounted rates.

We also offer, in our Cloth Tunnel Car Wash, an Unlimited Daily Wash Program called WashPass. WashPass Plans start at $29.99/month with discounts for 2nd and 3rd vehicles on one account.

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